Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bucket Seats

Earlier, I posted a few pictures from my classroom. The bucket seats have gotten the most comments :) I apologize for the quality of this picture; I did not take a picture of just the bucket seats when I was in the classroom. I cropped this picture from a larger picture of the computer area. Today is my last day of summer, and I am NOT going into school today :) I will take a better picture and post it soon!!

These bucket seats were a very quick and easy summer project!! I saw the crate seats all over Pinterest and really wanted to make a set. However, I am not very crafty, plus I teach kindergarten: there are LOTS of things that could happen to the fabric on those crate seats!! So, I looked around a little more :) I found these bucket lids on ebay; they were reasonably priced and came in a variety of colors!! I ordered the lids and then went to Lowe's for the buckets. These buckets were around $2 - $3 each. I went to the Dollar Tree and found wall decal stickers to decorate them; one sheet was plenty for each bucket!! I made two space-themed, one sports-themed, and one princess-themed!! I think the kiddos will enjoy them and I know I will like the extra storage!!

Thanks for looking and happy teaching!!

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