Friday, July 17, 2015

Math on My Own Set

Hey, everyone!!

I am really excited about some new materials to use in my math instruction!! I feel like I do a decent job differentiating literacy instruction, but math... not so much!! I have really been thinking about ways to create more small group instruction, plus more individualized practice for my kinder kiddos!!

I have created two new resources to help me with this!! One is my Math Tool-Kit to help with my small group instruction. I will talk about it another day, but if you just can't wait, here is the link!!

Moving on... My Math on My Own Set is my newest project.  I have used pieces of it over the last school year, but now I have it organized and ready to go for the start of the school year.

In this packet, there are over 250 practice pages based on Common Core Standards for Kindergarten. You simply print the pages and make booklets for each student at his/her individual level. The pages are designed to be INDEPENDENT practice for each child. If you are doing some version of Daily Math, these packets would make an excellent rotation in your daily routine.

There are also recording charts for each area of practice; you simply list each child’s name on the left and then keep a record of the pages each child has completed. I have also included awards that you may decide to give to students as they complete their books. There are a variety of awards to give you options in your classroom.

How It Works

In my classroom, I create booklets of 5 to 10 pages for each child. During my math block, following our whole group instruction, I have a 45 minute block. During this time, students work through three different rotations: Math with the Teacher, Math with a Partner (my math stations), and Math on My Own. During Math on My Own, each student works in his/her own individualized book.
It takes each student a few days to work through the book, and after the book is complete, they place it in my “Finished Math Books Tub”. I review their book, conference with the student about their work, provide an award for their work, and then gather a new book for this student. I then reference the charts to see which skills this student needs to practice next. The completed books then go home to show parents their child’s progress!! 

Here is more specific information about the practice pages included:

If you are interested, then check out my TpT store!! Thanks for looking and happy teaching!!


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