Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wonderful Idea Wednesday: Quick and Easy Formative Assessment Tool

I am so excited to see all of the wonderful ideas that are going to be shared on Wonderful Idea Wednesday!! Here is my quick and easy tool to increase engagement and gather informal formative assessment information!!

We are always looking for ways to increase student engagement and get feedback on student understanding, right??? Here is a super simple tool to enable each student to answer a question and show their answer to the teacher quickly. It is a VERY LOW-TECH version of a clicker system :) Each child is given a Multiple Choice Answer Card and a clothespin- in my kindergarten class, the kiddos call them a "clip strip". Then I ask multiple choice questions (I use PowerPoint slides to project the questions) and students show their answer by moving the clip to the correct answer. Students then hold the "clip strip" up in the air and I have a quick assessment of student understanding! My kiddos love them, and I love the information that this simple tool gives me :)
Click here to download your FREE copy from TpT.
You can click here to download it from Google Docs :)
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Be sure to hop over to Freebie-licious to see all of the other wonderful ideas!!

Thanks for looking and happy teaching!!

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